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A history of innovations that has distant origins, nowadays places the ICOBIT brand among the market leaders of liquid waterproofing producers in Italy and in the world.

The constant commitment to research and development, the continuous innovations to offer to sector operators, the quality of the products supplied, a complete and professional pre and post-sales service, place ICOBIT in a position of absolute importance in a very competitive market segment and technologically demanding such as waterproofing.

Since the late seventies, in the industrial site of Chieti in Abruzzo, we have been producing and distributing a wide and complete range of solutions for the protection and waterproofing of buildings.

We have always wanted to be the protagonists of that process aimed at satisfying the need to make buildings, industrial buildings, and construction products increasingly safe and protected from the dangers of water infiltration. Acrylic formulations, bituminous emulsions, polyurethane waterproofing, epoxy, cementitious represent the basis for designing waterproofing products with which to pursue our mission: to devise increasingly eco-compatible solutions in respect of the environment and the health of operators, with the aim of constant improvement of all our products to ensure more and more the well-being and healthiness to the buildings in which we live.